Course: SYNOP SHIP part 1 Basic Course and part 2 refresher courses

The course is mandatory for radio personnel and personnel who perform routine observations and reports in SYNOP SHIP code format to the Meteorological Institute.

SYNOP SHIP part 1 course

In the course the observer are presented for general meteorology and cloud physics and it is a goal to provide an understanding of observation and weather forecasting. The course introduces the observation of clouds, visibility and weather phenomena. There will be practical training in observation.

Place: Bergen, closer location indication will be given at registration.

Course fee: NOK 9000,-

Schedule and duration:
Week 12: 18. - 21. March, every day at 0900 - 1600.

SYNOP SHIP part II, refresher courses

The course is a mandatory refresher training for personnel who have previously undergone SYNOP- Ship Part 1 Basic Course, and shall be implemented within one year after part 1 is completed. The course is aimed at personnel who perform routine observations for Meteorological  Institute using reporting form SHIP- code format.

We also recommend the course as a refresher for more experienced observers.

Emphasis will be placed on items that experience gives problems and provides a review of the observations recorded with error.

Place: Bergen, closer location indication will be given at registration.

Course fee: NOK 3500,-

Schedule and duration:
This is a one-day course  (0900-1600)
Dates: 13. March, 08. April and 23. May


For all courses apply the following:

Qualifications: Good general education (high school), desired practice from maritime environment, aviation environment or similar.

Registration: As soon as possible, and no later than 14 days before the course starts. Registration is mandatory.

Cancellation: If cancellation of course takes place after the deadline, Norwegian Meteorological Institute will reserve the right to  50% payment of the course fee.
Participants: We reserve the right to cancel courses where there are not enough participants.  If the given date not fit, we will be positive for alternative time, provided that registration of a minimum of 4 participants for each course.
Course fee includes course materials, lunch, coffee / soft drinks
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