Activities and tasks

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute is responsible for monitoring and forecasting the ocean weather and climate for the seas surrounding Norway («our waters»). In this context «ocean weather» means sea level (tides and storm surges), ocean currents, sea temperature, salinity, sea-ice and waves.

The most important input data is observations, in particular from satellites, analysis of these data, and atmospheric products from Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models. The main tools are numerical ocean prediction models and satellite data analysis including data-assimilation.

Research and development focuses on physical processes in the ocean, and the development of the tools. The goal is to continuously improving our ability to monitor and forecast the ocean weather and its climate in «our waters», and to achieve a better understanding of how the ocean in «our waters» work.

Within climate research the focus is on the role of the ocean in determining the climate and in particular processes that governs how energy is exchanged between the atmosphere and ocean, that is, air-sea interaction processes (including sea-ice processes).

Research and development is conducted in cooperation with national and international partners.

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