Commercial Weather Services

The commercial services aim to support the Institutes first responsibility to society: to safeguard life and property of Norwegian citizens.

Consequently we cooperate with business and industry on projects that gain the society as a whole and enable companies to plan their businesses in a best way possible.


From September 2007 The Norwegian Meteorological Institute ( implemented a free data policy. The weather data can be downloaded for free at

Services for marine and offshore industry's Marine Forecasting Centre in Bergen has extensive experience in serving offshore petroleum industry with specialized forecasts for more than 30 years. Our first priority is to maintain high levels of professional competence and provide services of high quality to our customers.

In the future we will also focus on consultant assignments and R&D (research and development) projects on wind and wave power.

Contact details Marine Forecasting Centre:

Phone: +47 55 23 66 00

Other industries

In other industries, for instance, the energy industry, we also provide custom tailored services that are not available on

Contact details for other industries:

Phone: + 47 22 96 30 00

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